Bible Lands Pictures
Jerome, translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible, called a visit to the Holy Land "the Fifth Gospel." You read
it as walk through the land. My first visit to the land of Israel was in the summer of 1973. The experience
changed my life forever by introducing me to the geography, history, archaeology and culture of the
Land of the Bible. My studies and travels in Israel, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Italy have provided the
opportunity to take pictures which I incorporate into my Bible lectures and sermons. I am happy to
share some of these pictures with you. Looking at pictures of the Bible Lands is the next best thing to
being there.
The walled city of
The Western Wall; a
remnant of Herod's Temple
Inside Jaffa
Gate at night
Dome of the Rock on
Mt. Moriah
(location of Solomon
and Herod's Temples)
Domed Church of the
Holy Sepulchre
(Church of the
Ancient synagogue at
Sunrise on the Sea of