Four generations of Laneys: L to R
John W. Laney, J. Carl Laney, Carl
E. Laney and J. Carl Laney II
(standing in front of my dad with
brother  Robert in his arm).
Carl Eugene Laney
Eugene, as he is known to his early friends and family, was born in Ipswich, South Dakota on March 18, 1922.  
He was the fourth child of Carl and Harriet Laney.

After attending Nob Hill Grade School and Franklin Junior High, he graduated from Yakima High School  in
1940.  High school days for Eugene focused on skiing and ski racing.  He won numerous medals and trophies
in slalom and giant slalom competition.  

After high school graduation, Carl entered a program in Forestry at the University of Washington.  But like
many men in his day, his academic career was interrupted by World War II.  On September 23, 1943, Eugene
entered the Navy to become a Naval Aviator.  It was in the Navy that he became known by his first name,

While attending Columbia University Midshipman School, Carl contracted pneumonia.  It was thought that he
might have rheumatic fever and was sent to the Naval Hospital in Dublin, Georgia.  There me met a Georgia
peach, Miss Clyde Chivers, who was destined to become his wife.  They became engaged in November, 1946
and were married in the First Baptist Church of Dublin on March 5, 1947.  Carl and Harriet traveled all the way
from Kennewick to attend the wedding.

After a tour of duty in Panama where he flew in a squadron of P2-V's involved in
anti-submarine warfare and patrol, Eugene and Clyde returned to Dublin where their first
son, John Carl Laney II, was born on April 18, 1948.  In the fall of 1949 the three Laneys
returned to Seattle so that Dad could finish up his degree in Forestry at the University of

Upon graduating from the University in 1951, Carl joined the laboratory staff of Reichold Chemical Company.  
After the birth of Robert Chivers (2/27/52), the Laneys moved to Eugene, Oregon where they made their
home.  Carl advanced through a number of technical sales-service and sales-management positions with
R.C.I. working in the area of adhesives for the Forest Products Industry.  Carl's expertise in the area also led
to his being called upon to assist in the promotion of R.C.I. products nationally and internationally.  He
traveled to Japan, the Philippines, Germany and Russia in his work for Reichold.  He
concluded his career at Reichold serving as vice President and General Manager of the Adhesive and Binder
Business in the Forest Products Division.  When Reichold decided to sell the Forest Products Division, Carl
was offered an opportunity to manage a new company in the adhesive business, Rogue Valley Polymers.  
This was the capstone of his career.  In 1987 he retired from his career in sales to devote himself to managing
and maintaining his rental property.          

Clyde has had a career as a homemaker and mother.  Besides tending to her children, she has been active in
the Jr. League service organization and helped with a blind group.  She taught high school Sunday School at
First Baptist Church for 28 years. After the passing of her son, Otis, she had a number of high school and
college age young people live in the Laney home where she served as mother and counselor to these youth.

Carl was especially delighted on January 19, 1954 when Clyde presented him with a dark haired little girl,
Jenny Clyde.  Otis Chivers was born September 23, 1956.  Carl and Clyde enjoyed their son Otis for a happy
fifteen years.  Otis died on April 15, 1972 as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident coming
back from a skiing outing at Mount Bachelor.  Stewart Eugene, the last of Carl and Clyde's children, was born
September 24, 1962.  

Carl takes great joy in the lives of his children and 15 grandchildren. Carl Jr. graduated from the University of
Oregon and then went on to study for the ministry at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.  On June 5th,
1971, he married his college sweetheart, Nancy Lilly.  Carl and Nancy have four children.  John Carl III
(11/24/76) was born in Dallas, Texas. Elisabeth Anne (5/5/79), Laura Marie (9/24/81) and David Hamilton
(9/8/88) were born in Portland, Oregon.  

Jenny graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Education.  On July 19, 1975 she married her
high school sweetheart, Alan Rexius.  Jenny and Alan have four children, Sarilyn Clyde (3/4/79), Laney Arlene
(2/3/81), and twin boys, Solomon and Caleb, born January 18, 1985.     

Robert graduated from Stanford University and later from the University of Oregon Law School.  On August 5,
1978 he married Debbie Hiller.  Robert and Debbie  have four children, Savannah Lee (12/30/82), Julia
Angelyn (4/28/84), Otis Chivers (10/18/87) and Robert Lewis (8/14/89).    

Stewart, the youngest of the Laney boys, graduated from Oregon State University and has earned an M.B.A.
from Portland State University.  On September 19, 1986 he married Laurie Knight.  Stewart and Laurie have
three children--twins Karly Michelle and Kayla Jenny (11/14/90) and Andrew Stewart (10/21/94).  
Stewart and Carl Laney during high school days with their
Model "T" Ford.
Clyde and Carl E. Laney
The beginning of Carl's love for
Carl and his brother Stewart holding
Carl and his brother Stewart
Carl in new clothes which he
bought himself.
On his way to becoming an officer and a
Navy pilot.
Clyde and Carl Eugene
Jenny Clyde, Robert and Carl Jr.
Stewart, Jenny, Robert, Carl
Clyde and Carl
When he's not working on his rentals,
Carl enjoys his antique cars and truck.