My Jeep Motor
The last phase of the restoration of my '42 Willys Jeep is the rebuilding of the
motor. When I cleaned off the gunk from the engine block I discovered the letter
CJ-2A. It looks like the original motor was replaced by a civilian jeep motor.

What to do next? Rebuild the CJ motor or look for a MB motor? The difference
between the CJ and the MB motors are only slight. Well, I decided to rebuild the
motor that I had. The block looked good and I knew that the motor was running for
the previous owner.
It was a dirty and messy job breaking
down the motor, but I learned a lot
doing it. I followed the instructions
provided by John Barton on the G503
message board.
Removing the crank shaft was a bit of
a trick, but I finally stuck a 2x4 in the
block to keep it from turning and was
able to remove the large nut and the
All cleaned up and read for installation.
I replaced the rings, pistons, valves
and seals. I also had the fly wheel
resurfaced and installed a new ring on
the fly wheel. I got to know this motor
inside and out.
It was difficult to get the motor
to rest properly on the engine
blocks, but I loosened the
blocks and finally got
everything to line up.
Wow! There is nothing quite as pretty as a newly painted rebuilt motor
sitting on a restored frame! I'm happy to report that the motor started and
runs great!  
I bought a new wiring harness from Vintage Wiring of Maine. They make a very
original and authentic harness and provide excellent instructions. The different
colors and stripes helps you get the wires hooked up properly. The best way to
do the wiring on a jeep tub is to stand it up on its rear end. Then you can stand
in the tub to do the wiring instead of laying on your back.