In 1863, David and Martha Laney moved from Pennsylvania to Andrew County, Missouri.  It was on
November 22 of that same year that John Waugh Laney was born.  He became the father of my
grandfather, John Carl Laney.  John Waugh graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant,
Iowa.  On October 25, 1888 he married Sallie Heren, daughter of William Heren, a prominent man in

William Heren was born November 15, 1825 in Zanesville, Ohio, and came to Missouri in 1843.  
Because his father, Robert Heren, was not physically strong, the care and support of the family fell
largely on the eldest son, William.  Consequently, he was deprived of a formal education except
such as the early common schools afforded.  But he was a great lover of books, and after his day's
work William spent his time pouring over such books as he could borrow.  In the winter of 1845-46,
at the insistence of his neighbors, William taught a three-months' school.  The proved quite
successful.  Although he continued to teach school, William decided to pursue a career in law.

William taught school and studied law until the spring of 1849.  He spent the next year in full time
study and was then licensed to practice law by Judge Solomon Leonard in 1850.  On April 27, 1851
he married Miriam Small who had been one of his pupils at his first school.  During the Civil War he
closed his law office and turned his attention to organizing the Union men of Andrew County.  He
served as colonel of the Forty-first Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia until the fall of 1862.  Colonel
Heren was then elected to the State Senate where he served with distinction.  In 1864 he was
elected as a judge for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit.  he began the duties of his office in March and is
said to have discharged them "with characteristic ability and fidelity."

On February 20, 1869, after a lingering illness, Miriam died leaving her widowed husband with three
sons and three daughters.  Sallie Heren, born in Savannah, Missouri on March 27, 1866, was a
small child when her mother died.  Five years later Judge Heren remarried a widow, Mrs. Louisa
Smithern.  According to Goodspeed's History of Andrew County, Missouri (1888), "Judge Heren has
always been strictly temperate in his habits; has never used either whisky or tobacco in any shape.  
He is a fine example of the self-made man, and his wife is worthy of emulation."

Subsequent to his graduation from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1883, John Waugh Laney engaged in
farming and stock raising.  In 1892 he moved to Custer County, Montana and took up sheep raising.  
In 1896 he allowed his name to be used as a candidate for sheriff of Custer County.  According to
the History of the Yellowstone Valley, Montana, "Mr. Laney is a man of taste and he has prospered
and has made expenditures from time to time in improving his place and the result is that he has a
very fine homelike ranch.  His residence is one of the finest in this portion of the country and other
things are in evidence that show the thrift and taste of the proprietor of the estate.  Mr. Laney has
given his attention to raising sheep and does some general farming, being considered one of the
leading sheep and stock men of the county."  

John Waugh Laney and Sallie Heren had nine children: John Carl (12/19/89; my
grandfather), Dollie M. (3/22/91), Martha Marguerite (7/20/92), David Heren (3/15/94), Eveline
Montana (2/23/96), William Bryan (9/12/97), Sarah Ann (5/8/1900), Opal Heren (4/6/1904), and
Geraldine (12/10/1907).  

Sallie died at the age of 61 in 1924.  John continued farming in eastern Washington and
western Oregon until 1940.  During World War II, John worked in the Kaiser Shipyards at
Portland, Oregon.   At the close of the war he retired in [Lake] Oswego, Oregon.  He passed
away there on April 21, 1957 at the age of 94.
John Waugh Laney
Sallie Heren Laney
John Waugh Laney
Back:    Martha Marguerite             John Carl                Dollie Miriam

Middle:  Eveline Montana                      William Bryan                            David Heren

Front:    Sara Ann              John W.                                   Sallie H.           Opal Heren