Searching for the Original Bible
                                   by Randall Price

Searching for the Original Bible is yet another book by distinguished author and
scholar, Randall Price. Price is Professor of Jewish Studies at Liberty University and
also serves as Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Studies at Trinity Southwest
University. He is founder and president of World of the Bible Ministries. Among his
previous books I have appreciated are The Stones Cry Out (a popular treatment of
biblical archaeology), Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and The Temple and Bible
Prophecy. The first two of these books have accompanying video (or DVD)

I have known Randall personally for many years and am impressed with is depth
of knowledge and interaction with the Bible and biblical backgrounds. He has traveled
extensively in the Holy Land and has made personal contact with many of the scholars
who are doing first hand research on the topics addressed in Randall’s books. He has
interviewed many of these scholars and includes these interviews in his films.

Searching for the Original Bible is a solidly evangelical study of how the Bible
came to us. The importance of the Bible for Christians mandates that we study and
understand the process which brought it to us. Price does this in a carefully researched
and clearly presented manner. He has the ability to take complex issues related to the
original biblical texts and explain to the average reader how God’s Word was written,
recognized as authoritative, and preserved.

Price begins his book by responding to the current attack on the Bible’s
credibility and then raises the question, “Does it matter?” The rest of the book
demonstrates that it does indeed matter whether or not we have a Bible that can be
regarded as trustworthy. He addresses the claims and challenges of the critics,
showing that we have ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts that provide the basis for
a reliable Bible. He deals with the formation of the Hebrew Old Testament and the
Greek New Testament, interacting with the subject of textual criticism in manner that
can be understood by readers not familiar with the subject.

In the last section of the book Price raises and answers important questions of
canonicity and whether the new Gnostic gospels belong in the Bible. He demonstrates
that these gospels were written long after the other New Testament books and contain
messages not consistent with early Christianity. Toward the end of the book Price
presents a very helpful discussion on the subject of innerancy and the Bible.

Searching for the Original Bible is a book I will heartily recommend to my
students and colleagues. The research is supported by extensive footnotes. A
“Recommended Reading” list of books provides readers direction for further study.
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