Bible Notes

Historical Books
(Joshua - Esther)

Wisdom Books
(Job - Song of Songs)

Major Prophets
(Isaiah - Daniel)

Minor Prophets
Hosea - Malachi)

(Matthew - John)

Acts of the Apostles

Pauline Epistles
(Romans - Philemon)

General Epistles
(Hebrews - Jude)

Have ever wondered what particular book of the Bible is all about.
These notes are designed to give you a brief introduction to the
books of the Bible--all 66 of them!
These notes are provided for your personal
study and use. If you would like to distribute
them for Bible study purposes, please
acknowledge their source as
Thank you!  
        Carl Laney
A complete set of my introductory notes and outlines of the books of the Bible
is available on the
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