Family Background

I  was born in the state of Georgia, the first child of Carl and Clyde Laney. When I was two years
old our family moved west and I grew up in Eugene, Oregon. It was there at the University of
Oregon that I met the love of my life, Nancy Lilly.  We were married in 1971 and have four grown
children and four grandchildren.   

Spiritual Background

I was raised in a Christian home and expressed my faith in Jesus as a child. But it was not until my
student days at the University of Oregon that I entered into a more personal with God. This was
due in large part to the influence a fraternity brother, Bill Hansell, who was active with the ministry
of Campus Crusade for Christ. It was the late sixties and a time of radical student activism which
included protest marches, demonstrations  and sit-ins.  Everyone was seeking a worthy cause to
which to devote their lives.  After much thought and reflection I concluded that the only cause
worthy of lifetime commitment was helping others find peace with God through the Good News of
the Bible. I sensed God’s leading to Christian service during my junior year in college
and enrolled at Western Seminary after graduating from the University of Oregon.   

Personal Interests

I enjoy outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, gardening and canoeing.
On a Saturday afternoon you may find me in my garage working on my WWII military jeeps–a 1944
Ford and a 1942 Willys.   

Educational Background

University of Oregon: B. S. in Public Administration      
Western Conservative Baptist Seminary: Master of Divinity, Master of Theology
Institute of Holy Land Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary: Doctorate of Theology
Sabbatical research and excavation in Israel.


I have been a Bible teacher at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon since 1977.  My teaching
has also taken me overseas where I have served as a visiting professor at seminaries in the
Philippines and the Netherlands. I have also served as interim-pastor of a number different
churches including a Bayview Baptist church on the island of Guam.      

I have been privileged to author a number of books, many of which are out of print, but can still be
found on or in used book stores. My articles have been published in theological
journals and Christian magazines. Some of them can be found on this web site.  

My travels have taken me to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. l have spent several
summers in Israel studying, teaching and participating in archaeological excavations. I enjoy
teaching the Bible classes and specialize in courses dealing with the historical, geographical and
cultural backgrounds of the Bible.  
Carl Laney
A Brief Introduction
Teaching the Psalms to a group of Western
Seminary students on a backpacking trip in the
Jefferson Wilderness Area.
Driving my restored 1942 Shore Patrol military jeep in my Navy uniform.
Enjoying the summit of the South
Sister in the Cascade Mountains
of Oregon.
Western Seminary students by the
Sea of Galilee getting ready for a
boat ride.
My favorite fishing spot;
Three Finger Jack in the
I caught these fish with Mike Jaskilka at Marion Lake.  What a day!